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Dear Lord !

All I ask is for a chance to prove that winning the Lottery won't make me a bad person.
Unknown Author
It will either warm their hearts or piss them off,
Either way you win.
Unknown Author
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• By Monique on You're not the stupidest person
I like that the stupidest person on the planet is a always a he, lol
• By Katia on 2012! Let's hope the Mayans were idiots.
love this !!! it's kind of amazing, cause the Mayans could see so far into the future but not see close enough in their own time to save themselves from their own demise
• By Katia on Cat Bond
funny :)
• By Katia on It's not what it looks like !!!
I have one of these that has that same look every time he gets caught doing something he knows he shouldn't
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